Anxious to replace air conditioner


The heat and humidity in Largo, Florida, are often brutal.

Temperatures in the nineties, or even the triple digits, are no surprise.

An overheated home makes it impossible to relax or sleep. There can be problems with cockroaches and dust mites. Mold, mildew, bacteria and other harmful toxins thrive in hot, moist conditions. For homeowners in Largo, air conditioning is a necessity. The system runs for the majority of the year and has a significant impact on the budget and carbon footprint. When we purchased our home, the central air conditioner was already installed. It was old and had not been well taken care of. Every time it started up, it spread a musty odor and dust throughout the house. It had trouble managing demands, made quite a bit of noise and cost a small fortune in electric bills. I was extremely interested in the new air conditioning installation. I researched local HVAC companies, looking for one that provided free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I chose a fully licensed, NATE-certified and factory authorized dealer to handle the project. The technician was super helpful. He explained the different models and features on the market and recommended upgrading to zone control. The AC installation was completed quickly and without too much mess or disruption. Having a modern cooling system has made a huge difference in the cleanliness and comfort of the home. The air conditioner helps to filter out air contaminants and effectively manages excess humidity. It operates quietly and has trimmed our monthly bills. The savings on electricity will help to recover the initial investment.

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