Hot Flashes


I feel so bad for my mom.

  • As she gets older, she battles more and more health issues.

She developed thyroid issues recently on top of dealing with diabetes. As if that can’t get any worse, she’s going through menopause and experiences so many difficult symptoms from it. The worst symptom for her is the recurring hot flashes. She told me that she can manage everything else, but the hot flashes are totally out of her control. At any random moment, my mother can go from comfortable to dripping with sweat from a hot flash. She has even felt this in the middle of winter while standing outside in a blizzard. My dad is trying so hard to find ways to help her. He started off by purchasing a few fans for around the house and a small fan for her work desk. Those didn’t really do much. Then he installed small window cooling units, but these weren’t very effective. Finally, he decided to look into updating the HVAC system entirely. He chose zone heating because this would allow him to set individual rooms to specific temperatures. This meant that my mom could keep one room cool at all times and this would be her safe haven. I thought my dad was crazy to go to such extreme measures at first, but I quickly realized that this gave my mom what she needed. I am so thankful that my dad has found a way to bring her comfort, even if it required a hefty investment. She deserves to be comfortable during these tough times in her life!


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