I’m Glad my Dad was a Successful Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor Back in the Day


I’m lucky my dad made a bunch of currency because I chased the comedy dream for so long that it pretty much killed my currency making openings for good.

I ran after the comedy dream for 17 years & it pretty much made me broke.

But my dad made a bunch of currency & I will absolutely get some in 10 more years. I just need to drop it in the bank though because my friend and I already got $100K each & I lost all of mine trying to outsmart the crypto market. It may come back however losing my dad’s Heating & Air Conditioning company currency that took him years working as a heating & cooling business rubs me the wrong way. I’m just letting it rest & hoping that in a few years it bounces back again. I don’t mind working for the heating & cooling company near me, however they seem to be certainly slow now & I am not getting a lot of hours anymore, and at least in 14 more years I’ll get some currency from my social security benefits from all of those years working as an engineer making Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. I built a lot of hot water boilers & temperature controls for heating & cooling systems & paid a lot of currency into the system for several years. I have enough currency now to get by but I also have way too much free time on my hands to suppose about what I should be doing with my time. I do some work for the heating corp near me however would like to do more Heating & Air Conditioning repairs down the road.


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