Neighbor tries his hand at AC repair


I entirely wish that people would ask for help when they needed it instead of trying to be DIY masters.

I feel like the internet has skewed peoples’ expectations for their own handy skills where there are none.

Honestly, I have been trying to discourage all of my neighbors from taking on major house projects without calling and asking for help first. I worked as a dwelling corporation and dwelling supervisor for over 40 years. During my professional experiences I learned a thing or two about electricity, carpentry, and even heating, cooling, and ventilation system repair. I feel like I am a good resource if anyone has rudimentary questions about fixing their air handling devices or indoor appliances. Unfortunately, I live across the street from a cocky young guy who thinks that he knows everything. This is why he was knocking on my door in the middle of the night when his cooling system broke down last week. Earlier in the afternoon I saw him walking around and inspecting his central cooling system with a puzzled look on his face. He seemed rather befuddled by some kind of issue with the indoor air handling device. I called over and asked if he would like a second opinion on his cooling system before he called an Heating and A/C specialist. My unwise acquaintance replied that he didn’t need any help because he was going to perform the heating and cooling maintenance on his own. Twelve hours later I awoke to my acquaintance banging on my door, complaining that he could not sleep because he had broken his cooling system.

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