Right HVAC but wrong floor plan


When I first signed the papers for my new house, I could hardly believe it.

Not only was I becoming a first time home owner, I was doing it in a newly built home.

I couldn’t believe my good luck that I was able to get into a planned community at such a low cost. But I took advantage of a special savings plan that allowed me to leave my apartment and all that poor heating and cooling behind. Honestly, one of my biggest priorities for being a homeowner was to have good air conditioning and heating. Of course, I’ve also wanted privacy for the longest time after spending more than a decade in apartments. Truly, the idea of having the sort of residential HVAC that wasn’t older than I am was very appealing. It was really interesting to watch my home come together bit by bit over many months. I was so eager to move in that I didn’t really even pay attention to the ductwork in my house. Right away, the heating and cooling in my home was far better than anything my apartment could have delivered. So it took me almost two weeks before I realized that the ductwork just didn’t seem to fit my floor plan. For example, I had air ducts in the strangest places. Like I had an air duct pointing the wrong way at the doorway of my bedroom. So I went to the builder and found out that indeed I had the right residential HVAC equipment for sure. But my floor plan got mixed up with a different floor plan when the HVAC equipment was installed. The HVAC contractor made short work of correcting the problem. Now the quality heating and air is even better which is almost hard to believe.


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