Sitting Out Back in the Yard and Thinking About my Life


Some people meet the love of their life and are together for 50 years.

Then there are some people like me who float from one lover to the next, never seeming to be happy for long with any of them.

I’m 55 now and some of my friends have been married for 30 years and have grandchildren, but I’m still single and have never had a kid. I wonder if I made the right decision way back when I decided not to have kids and get married. I just float around the world like a cloud with no attachments. HVAC repairs at the local business is pretty much the only stable thing in my life. When I am 70 I can collect $1650 a month for the rest of my life, and the way I live it should be plenty. I do radiant heated floor installations and clean ductwork out for my job, which is fine with me, but I would love to be in love again and not be alone anymore. Life is kind of empty when you don’t have someone to share the ups and downs with. There is a lady who works at the HVAC company that kind of likes me and maybe I should give it a try again. It’s just that after so many failed relationships you start to feel that you will never find someone you click with. I’ll go to that heating and cooling supplier store later this week and see if she wants to go watch a sunset or hang out in a park. I like being around nature.

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