Tired of fighting over Heating & A/C system; went back to school


It’s incredible the things that you will do for somebody that you love.

I realized this a long time ago as I watched my mom repeatedly screw herself over trying to help my brother.

At the time he was a real disaster between his addiction & abusive troubles. I recognize that makes sense that a mother cannot turn her back on her own children. However, you might expect that it would be easier to walk away from a spouse when they are giving you continual trouble. Let me tell you, that is not the case. For years now my wife has been a major source of stress in my life when it comes to our indoor air handling devices & subsequent energy costs. She has been convinced that our air conditioner machine & forced air furnace we’re on the brink of harm since the morning that my friend and I moved in. My pal and I have never had an actual heating or cooling unit breakdown over the course of our marriage. However, that doesn’t stop her from consistently being paranoid about the potential for our cooling system or forced air furnace to spontaneously combust. She’s so distraught with the indoor air quality control unit that my friend and I get into a lot of fights over the temperature control settings. She consistently wants to keep the heating & cooling system off unless my friend and I can spend money for a professional Heating & A/C worker to inspect it. This is why I decided I needed to go back to school to become a professional heating, cooling, & air quality control specialist. If it will bring my wife some peace of mind, I will learn how to repair our own indoor air temperature control equipment.

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