Will my Investments Ever Come Back up Again From Here?


Wow, I’ve really lost a bunch of money as of now with my crypto investments.

It is down like 95%, as I timed it just right and bought at the very peak when the market was just getting ready to crash.

How is it possible to time it so badly? Well, I still have money to live so I don’t need to touch the coins, but wow my timing was so far off on this one. All I can do now is sit on it and hope that it rebounds, if not, then I guess it’s another tough lesson. HVAC equipment writing saved me and I will keep doing articles on heating devices and cooling systems for the next few years. I plan on working like this for 14 more years, till I hit the 70 year old mark, and then I can get my social security money if it is still around. I just googled it online and it says that SS benefits could run out in about ten more years. So maybe my heating and cooling systems writing job may need to go a bit longer, oof. It all works out in the end and I am not going to worry about something that I can’t control. I am an HVAC tech, and have been ever since working with my dad’s heating corp, and can always make money working part time till I am well into my 70’s. I will just keep on living and having fun like I have been for the past 55 years of my life.


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