A man claimed he was an HVAC specialist and broke my thermostat completely


I try not to doubt anyone that I meet.

When they tell me things about themselves I trust that they are right.

I trust that they would not lie about who they are. I met a man last week who claimed to be an HVAC specialist. He said he fixes HVAC systems for people all of the time but it is not his full time job. It is just something he learned to do along the way. I was excited because I was having some problems with my thermostat I was hoping he could fix. I invited him over to do this for me and I paid him of course. I was very grateful for his services rather than paying much more to an actual HVAC technician. A few days later the thermostat stopped working again and I could not get ahold of the guy who I had met. I thought that maybe the took my money and ditched. I called for an HVAC specialist to come look at it since I had no other option. He looked at the thermostat and noticed that someone had tried to play with it and he actually broke it more. The whole thermostat would need to be replaced now. I was so mad at this whole situation. Needless to say I am much more cautious about the people I meet. I think it is a lesson to always leave the problems to the HVAC specialists since it is their job after all. Bad things can come from letting others touch your HVAC equipment.
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