All of Those Stories of Life Unfold as my friend and I Get Older


When you get older you start to see the stories of almost everyone’s life unfold, including your own life.

  • I’ve had some friends who were married with adolescents & undoubtedly successful only to throw it all away because of drugs or something else.

I’ve made my own mistakes in life however am still doing alright. I have no adolescents, house, partner, or big nest egg, but I do have some things that none of my friends have who took the conventional path. I play songs in clubs overseas & have some good fun doing so. I work for this heating & cooling company store part time & spend most of my free time hanging out with friends like I used to do when I was a teen. I am here in America for another ten afternoons & then I will go back to my bohemian lifestyle & keep on keeping on. I’m really running the A/C of the Heating & Air Conditioning system at my aunt’s house now at the end of December. They certainly don’t have much of a winter time here in the south & it will be hot again within two months or so. I like living overseas where my friend and I have more seasons & can make fires in the fireplace till the end of April. I just miss my family & friends living overseas, but I plan on moving back here in about five years, unless something changes down the road. I like working for the local business doing Heating & Air Conditioning repairs & whatnot overseas, but I am being pulled back to the States because of my family & friends.

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