All of Those Stories of Life Unfold as we Get Older


When you get older you start to see the stories of everyone’s life unfold, including your own life.

I’ve had some friends who were married with kids and very successful only to throw it all away because of drugs or something else.

I’ve made my own mistakes in life but am still doing alright. I have no kids, house, wife, or big nest egg, but I do have some things that none of my friends have who took the conventional path. I play music in clubs overseas and have some great fun doing so. I work for this heating and cooling supplier store part time and spend most of my free time hanging out with friends like I used to do when I was a teen. I am here in America for another ten days and then I will go back to my bohemian lifestyle and keep on keeping on. I’m actually running the air conditioner of the HVAC system at my aunt’s house now at the end of December. They really don’t have much of a winter here in the south and it will be hot again within two months or so. I like living overseas where we have more seasons and can make fires in the fireplace till the end of April. I just miss my family and friends living overseas, but I plan on moving back here in about five years, unless something changes down the road. I like working for the local contractor doing HVAC repairs and whatnot overseas, but I am being pulled back to the States because of my family and friends.

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