Aunt tries to keep HVAC afloat with prayer


Sometimes I really worry about my family.

I know that they aren’t healthy people but they also seem to be increasingly dysfunctional and delusional.

I moved away a long time ago to try to avoid the same thing happening to me. Unfortunately, I can’t completely be rid of my entire family structure because I want my children to have good relationships with their aunts and uncles. That being said, there is at least one aunt who could be left off of the family tree in my opinion. Not only is she radically religious but she is actually deluded with her belief system. Recently, I found out that she was living completely void of indoor air handling devices thanks to her over-reliance on the magic of Christianity. She realized a long time ago that her indoor air handling devices we’re going to need to be repaired or replaced. However, that didn’t stop her from ignoring the ongoing air quality control issue in order to focus on her church clubs and prayers. In fact, she honestly believes that her prayer will fix the ancient indoor air handling devices for her. Despite the fact that her air conditioning unit is at least 20 years old and her furnace has been around since I was in diapers, my aunt is convinced that it isn’t necessary to call a professional heating, cooling, or ventilation repair shop for any help. She simply asks her church group to pray for better indoor air quality every week. It’s been about a year since she had any working air conditioning or heating in her house… When is she going to give up?

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