Being left out of a social gathering because of a compressor issue in the HVAC unit


There is nothing I hate more than people who ignore you.

This could be at parties or any kind of social gatherings.

I always invite some of my friends over for parties or to hang out. Even though it is at my house, people seem to ignore me completely. It makes me never want to have these people over again but I love them. I do not know how i am the odd man out. I really was the odd man out one time. I had some friends over and the HVAC system started to act up. I did nothing to the system. I told them about it but that I was going to fix it. I tried my best to figure it out. The little knowledge I had was not working. I told my friends and they said it was okay. They could move it to someone else’s house. I was really feeling bad about myself then. I did not even go with them. I stayed behind and tried to figure out the system. I clearly could not so I waited for the HVAC technician to come to my house. It was after their regular hours so I had to pay for emergency nighttime service. There was no doubt that, that night was the worst night I had in awhile. I waited so long for the technician to get there too. When he finally did arrive, he finally looked at the system. He definitely did not deliver any good news to me. It was something with the compressor in the system. There were some parts that looked like they had come loose. I ended up paying a lot of money and drinking a lot of wine.


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