Being pregnant and not having air conditioning because of a broken fan blade


Having cravings as a pregnant lady is no fun.

I know I am having these cravings because they seem to be things that I want.

They say that it is actually what the baby wants but I do not know how much I believe that. I try to resist but I couldn’t any longer. I sent my husband to the store. While he was at the store I noticed a really loud noise. I even heard it over the television. I followed the noise and found it was coming from the HVAC unit outside. I called my husband immediately and asked him what to do. I turned off the system as quickly as I could and called an HVAC technician. I had to make an appointment for them to look at the system. I panicked because I did not know what to do. Now, I am going to be extremely uncomfortable with not having air conditioning in the house. This pregnancy has made me feel so warm. Luckily, the HVAC technician had an opening and came to the house right away. He found that the front fan blade in the unit had come loose. It was banging on the other parts within the unit. The who fan was going to have to be replaced. He was unsure yet if there would need to be other replacements due to any extra damage. I was going to pay for anything though because I was not having it being pregnant. As soon as I felt the air conditioning come back on, I was a happy pregnant lady again. For those you can relate, you know what I am talking about. I was so thankful for the HVAC technician.


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