Boss prefers air quality


Several years ago when I was looking for a modern position I never thought that I would wind up being a personal assistant, and i would not say that I am an harshly extroverted or people-pleasing kind of human, for starters. I also don’t take a lot of direction really well. I can get really defensive when someone is being critical or asking too much of me, but that’s why, it has been shocking to get along well with my boss as an executive assistant. I think the largest challenge that I have with her is dealing with her high standards for indoor air quality, then whenever my friend and I started working together I realized that my boss was rather preoccupied with the temperature control; Every few minutes it seemed like she was sitting up & investigating the air temperature control unit on the wall. I thought it was rather disruptive for her to be so distraught with the indoor air quality, however as such, I offered to take over her air temperature changes throughout the morning. I thought it would be simple to jump up & press the button on the temperature control every so often, but I never expected that this air quality assistantship would get so overwhelming, and soon, I was also responsible for maintaining the entire heating & cooling system. She was having me call the local heating & cooling repair shop nearly every week with some but I really get a workout from all the trips back & forth to the temperature control.about air quality control. She consistently wanted to know how my friend and I could improve our indoor air quality, decrease our energy costs, or install modern Heating & A/C unit for the business. To this morning, my friend and I have not made a single heating & cooling upgrade but at least I get a work out from all the trips back & forth to the temperature control.


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