Can’t get over him when HVAC never quits


You might say that I am an overly sensitive human being.

I get very attached to other people and it is devastating when they leave my life.

I never thought that I would be able to get by without my best friends and my significant other. However, every time I go through a breakup of some sort I get just a little bit stronger. I wish that I was as strong as the Hulk right now, because I am tired of being sad and wallowing over my most recent ex. To be honest, we didn’t even have a great relationship. However, when we were together I was extremely comfortable and felt very safe. Part of this was because of the indoor air quality that he provided. My ex was a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation specialist for a major HVAC dealership in our town. He had been working for the respectable air quality control repair shop for over five years before I met him. This month, he was one of the senior HVAC technicians working for this well-known heating and cooling Institution. As an added bonus to his job he was always acquiring new indoor air handling devices as soon as they hit the market. He would often come over and upgrade my central air quality control appliances when a pertinent HVAC machine was gifted to him by the HVAC dealership. Now, I actually hate my central heating and cooling system. Every time I hear the air conditioning unit, air purification system, or dehumidifier click into gear I think of my ex. I am sick of crying my eyes out thanks to my indoor air handling control equipment.

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