Can’t keep windows open because neighborhood is so loud


I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a sketchy area, but I certainly have.

There were a number of years when I resided right on the edge of a pretty ghetto area of town, and it was a learning experience for sure.

For instance, I learned to walk with one earbud at night and my keys wrapped tightly in my hand, just in case I needed something sharp in a pinch. I also learned to keep my car locked as soon as I got into the seat, and never to leave my windows open in the apartment. This was problematic, however, because the apartment had such terrible heating and cooling capabilities. Since I couldn’t have my windows open, I relied entirely on the apartment’s thermostat to rectify poor air quality or an uncomfortable air temperature, and the furnace and air conditioner we less than efficient. I remember it would take at least 12 hours for the heater to adequately warm the air during the winter; I could bump up the temperature settings and plan on feeling a difference in the ambient air temperature half a day later, if I was lucky. I don’t think that the air conditioner ever actually worked. My apartment was easily 85 to 90 degrees, even with the AC at full blast. There was no way I could catch a breeze from outside, because opening the window was a recipe for harassment and break ins, so I lived in a burning hot apartment and prayed for the day I could afford to move out.

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