Enjoying some cheese in a house that has broken air conditioning


I have just started this new diet.

It is not really a diet but I like to call it a nice lifestyle change.

I have long term goals that I am trying to change and unfortunately it requires this meal plan. I have been craving cheese like crazy. I decided to allow myself a small cheat and I would go to the store to get some and have some crackers. Well, when I came back from the store I was not expecting to have to deal with my HVAC system. I know it sounds weird but when I got back the house felt so warm. I checked the thermostat and I tried to play with it. When the HVAC system kicked on I ran over to the vent to feel the air and it was warm. It was supposed to be cool like I had wanted it to be. The weather was still pretty warm outside so I wanted my home to be cool. Now, I had to turn the system off because it was making my house warmer than it was outside. I had to call the HVAC company down the road to help me. I was not sure what to do or how to fix this. I was unable to get an appointment until Monday. It was only Saturday. I thought I would be able to live for a few days with a warm house. I just opened the windows and turned the fans on when I became too warm. I was happy to at least have my cheese to enjoy. It made up for not having an air conditioning.


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