Forgot to pick up new air filter; had to clean old one before she found out


I knew she would check in to see that the air filter hadn’t been changed like I promised

My wife is a terrifying human being. I say this with all due respect and love in the world. I absolutely love her and I never want her to disappear from my life. That being said, when she asked me for something to be accomplished I had better accomplish it. There is no choice when she has something on her mind. If I don’t complete the project as expected in the anticipated time frame I am going to be sleeping on the couch for a month. That’s why I was panicking the other day when I realized that my mail delivery was coming very late. Several weeks ago my wife had mentioned our heating and cooling system needed more attention than we had been giving it. She had been reading about indoor air quality and energy bills for a few months, apparently. When she started talking about advanced heating and cooling maintenance services I started getting nervous about the cost of hiring a heating and cooling professional all the time. I offered to perform the routine air filter changes and ductwork cleanings on my own. However, I promptly forgot to order new air filters after we had the conversation. When my wife started asking me about my heating and cooling maintenance project the other day I got very nervous. I knew she would check in to see that the air filter hadn’t been changed like I promised. I found myself rapidly pulling out the old air filter and trying to clean it off with the vacuum. I thought, if I could get some of the debris off of the filthy filtration device there might be a chance that my wife wouldn’t notice.

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