Going to Crawl in the HVAC Duct in the Attic and Sleep for a While


I think the attic is my only safe haven in this house where I cannot hear the sounds of my screaming cousin.

She has a big mouth and likes to yell each time she opens it, so I am going to go up in the attic with some headphones and sleep in an air duct! I don’t like to complain but when you hear someone yelling for hours it can get a bit old.

Maybe one of my friends is around and wants to do something today. I could go watch a football game at a local business or swim out to sea and never come back. There is a really cool outside patio with some portable gas heaters to keep you warm while you watch a football game or just relax. I will see if there is anyone around who wants to hang out for the day, but I am afraid they are all working so that they can afford their rents and mortgages. My stepdad is retired from his HVAC business now and maybe he would like to watch a game later. I have a ton of friends but most of them have kids and are too busy to do anything at all. Another option is to go into the attic and clean the ductwork from top to bottom, which should take a few hours and give me a little break from the chaos in this house. It is the winter holidays and the kids are all out of school, boohoo! Okay, I am off to do the HVAC cleaning job now.

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