Got a big bonus from work, buying modern HVAC


I can say without a doubt that I’ve been incredibly lucky in the recent years of my life.

I moved out of my crappy house town, purchased a reputable degree from a major school, and landed a cushy salaried task with full benefits; All of this was such a vast improvement in comparison to my early life, which was pretty rough and full of disadvantages.

I’ve also been legitimately lucky to work for a crucial institution that believes in rewarding its employees; that’s how I ended up with enough cash to purchase a brand modern HVAC system last month. My work finally paid out the bonuses that we’ve all been waiting months for, and my cash bonus went instantly to replacing my old heating and cooling system at home. You see, I’ve been getting by with a failing furnace, control unit, and air conditioning for a number of years. I didn’t have the cash to substitute the entire ventilation system, and I was spending a ton of cash just trying to keep the old temperature control system afloat. It seemed like I was calling out the HVAC supplier every few months for one problem or another, and these repairs were chopping into my savings, then luckily, our annual bonus program was put into site at just the right time, because my air conditioning was not going to survive another Summer of constant use. I was able to buy a modern HVAC system outright, and I can finally count on my house temperature control again! I hope my lucky streak continues for the rest of my life!



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