Grandma gets routine maintenance; refuses to pay for repair


I have two grandmas. Both of my grandpa’s have passed away years ago but the women remain. Both of my grandma’s are characters but they are extremely different in personality. One of them is very laid-back, grateful, and enlightened. The other grandma is extremely entitled, demanding, and difficult. As you can imagine, I prefer to see the first Grandma over the other whenever I have the choice. Unfortunately, recently I have been at my difficult grandma’s house and awful lot. She has been experiencing a lot of indoor air temperature problems and she continually calls me over to examine her thermostat, air conditioning unit, and dehumidification system. To be clear, I am not a professional heating and cooling technician nor have I ever claimed to understand how indoor HVAC devices work. In fact, I can barely operate my own heating and cooling system at my house. However, my Grandma is convinced that I know a thing or two about indoor air handling systems because I gave her the name of my normal heating, cooling, and ventilation technician. Little did I know that she would take my recommendation and prove to be a pain in the ass. When she finally called my heating and cooling technician for help with her fluctuating indoor air quality he came out right away and repaired her central heating and cooling system. Afterwards, she decided that he took too long to perform the repair. My grandma refused to pay you that HVAC repair bill and got my heating and cooling technician in trouble. The funny part is, after she put off a professional HVAC appointment for over a year, she thought my heating and cooling technician was too slow?
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