Heater broke; got so cold that clothes froze stiff


I’m fairly accustomed to cold weather.

  • I’m from the north and I’ve lived through twenty something extreme winters up there.

The weather is always brutal; there’s extreme cold and wind chill, not to mention the ice storms and heavy snow fall. I’ve had plenty of experience scraping off cars and driving in blinding snow. I’ve also spent a lot of time outdoors in the winter, trudging through snow and shielding all exposed skin from the air to avoid frostbite. It was a new experience for me, however, when my furnace failed last year and I had to try to stay warm indoors for several days on end. You see, it was in the middle of the largest blizzard we’ve had in years, and I was sitting at home doing a big load of laundry in my toasty warm utility room, when suddenly I heard a startling noise come from the furnace closet. I went to see what had happened, only to find that the heater was no longer running. I tried to make adjustments to the thermostat, but was unable to kickstart the furnace again. I then spent the next two hours calling every heating and cooling company in a 20 miles radius, only to be told that every HVAC repairman was already booked for the next several days due to the terrible weather. I spent the next two days trying to stay warm with a single space heater. It got so cold in my house that my clothes which had been left in the washing machine froze stiff.

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