Heating & Cooling Systems & Friends I Never Get to See


Today is December 27th & I just got done resting out back at my aunt’s condo trying to get some sun.

It is 12pm & all of my friends are working away & don’t have the time to hang out with me.

A lot of them have youngsters & wives & tasks that don’t allow them much free time to do anything else. My life is a lot odd as I have none of those three things, except for a part time writing task, which gives me a ton of free time on my hands to do whatever. The local business near me back household overseas is hiring & I am thinking about working there as an Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech just to fill up some of the time in my afternoon. I am going to see if my sister is around because she has quite a bit of free time too & maybe my pal and I can workout or go visit my mom. I am working some for my local business friend, but now she is out of town for a while & I am back to doing nothing again. I leave in two more weeks & will go back to my life overseas where I have a whole odd set of friends, however the heating & cooling corp where I labor part time is closed for a few weeks so I won’t have any heat pumps to fix or HEPA filters to sell till they open again. I think I will do some meditation today & just calm my mind down for a while.

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