Home cooling tips from my HVAC provider


If there is one technology that I am grateful for, it is the advancement of cooling systems.

Without cooling systems our bodies would be constantly sweating trying to maintain a temperature to keep ourselves comfortable and minimize heat problems.

When I was growing up there was no cooling system that was installed in my family’s home. We used natural and cooling tips to keep our home the coolest it possibly could be. Some of the cooling tips that I had learned when I was younger from my parents learning from their HVAC provider is turning off kitchen, bathrooms, and cooking fans at least twenty minutes prior when they were done cooking. We always kept our blinds and curtains closed as well to keep the direct sunlight out of our home, that would potentially raise the temperature dramatically. Since we had to find an alternative way to circulate air within our home we had electric portable fans. We did not have a portable fan in every room, we only had two, so every room that we went to we made sure to unplug the fan and bring it with us. Growing up without a air conditioning system didn’t seem all too bad when I was younger. Now that I have my own home and have central heating and cooling installed, I can’t imagine not having a cooling system. Our cooling system is a lifestyle and something that I don’t think we could live two days without complaining about the heat. Luckily I was young enough and didn’t have a care about what the temperature was like in my parent’s home.


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