Hotel problems


I’m not sure if there’s anything more bad than getting a poor hotel room on trip, and you embark on the journey with certain expectations for relaxation, fun, & excitement, & it only takes unacceptable housing to ruin a lot of this, and it could be a certainly loud hotel room situated near an elevator, or a dirty hotel in which you’re afraid to walk on the rugs, or even worse yet, a hotel with terrible Heating, Ventilation & A/C service to its rooms.

I have experienced all three of these scenarios, & I have to say that having terrible heating & a/c is the biggest bummer of them all.

You enter the hotel full of excitement & wonder, only to be shown to a stuffy room with no outside ventilation, the tiny Heating, Ventilation & A/C situated under the window is never turned on when you arrive, & it takes quite a while for the itty bitty unit to make any difference in the overall air quality of the room, by the time that you find out how inefficiently the boiler or a/c is, it’s too late; you’re already settled into the hotel room & unlikely to switch to another unit. It will be mornings of battling with the dinky temperature control, trying to turn the temperature up or down with little to no results. The unit may hum or bang all night long, making it difficult to sleep while you sweat through the sheets. It might even give off an unelegant stench that taints every second you try to spend in the room, poor Heating, Ventilation & A/C; terrible trip.

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