How your HVAC system can wear and tear much sooner than expected


There is no doubt that everything gets old.

It does not matter what it is.

It can be a human, a machine, a toy or anything really. Everything can get old and worn. We all should know that at least. I know I have seen a lot of people come into and out of my life. I have seen a lot of children grow up. I have seen a lot of people die. It is just something that happens. We all know that electronics get old as well. Then, we buy something new. Even on our HVAC systems they get old. They get a lot of wear and tear on their systems. It sometimes takes a long time for the wear and tear to take effect. Sometimes it does not take that long though. If people use their HVAC systems a lot more or push their temperatures really high, it will cause it to wear and tear. If you do not clean the filter it can cause wear and tear. A clogged filter can actually cause your system to break down. There are many different ways to cause your system to get older sooner than you think. This very same thing happen to me. It was causing airflow problems in my house. I noticed that there was not as much air coming through the vents as there had been. it turned out that there had been a clogged air filter. The HVAC system was pushing the air through the filter as much as it could. It was causing the system to work much harder than before. This is what caused all the wear and tear.

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