Husband set HVAC budget


I know plenty of people who have disputes with their fiance about finances for one reason or another.

It seems like most partners and wives have different ideas about how it is appropriate to spend money, and it sparks quite a bit of disagreement.

Most couples seems to bicker about shopping, travelling, and eating expenses, however I don’t guess anyone has the same fight my boyfriend and I are engaged in, and he has absolutely set a daily budget for how much I can spend on HVAC usage. I know, I know, this makes it seem like I’m running our A/C and boiler 24/7 with no regard for our energy usage or the effects on the environment; I promise, this is not the case. I simply like to feel satisfactoryly warm during the afternoon time, and undoubtedly frigid at night, and my boyfriend doesn’t care as much about his external air temperature. Because it isn’t a complication to him, he thinks that my control device programming is absolutely unecessary. I keep trying to tell him that it’s a necessity for me, that I can’t labor during the afternoon when I’m frigid or sleep at night when I’m too warm, despite the fact that he thinks I am being dramatic. That’s when he set a strict limit on how much my friend and I would pay for energy bills every month, and began enjoying the control device like a hawk. He knows every time I adjust the temperature settings, and he keeps a log. I know almost everyone has their disagreements, but this HVAC policing is going to drive me up the wall.


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