HVAC technician falls off roof


One day while sitting in rush hour traffic, I noticed some commotion a half a mile away from where I had been sitting still for nearly a half an hour.

I kept thinking about the scenarios that could be happening up the road.

It wasn’t until after I was an hour late to work, that I learned the truth of what happened that morning. There was an issue with the HVAC in one of the tallest buildings downtown. A seasoned HVAC technician took the service call and made his way over to the skyscraper. He had made many trips to this building throughout his career. He knew his way around the building and who to talk to to get in. The hVAC system is located on the roof, so he had to take a long journey to get up there. In other words, he was in a high and dangerous position, but he knew what he was doing. It had been raining that morning and he was sure that his work boots were slip proof. All it took was one wrong move to end his life in the most tragic way. The traffic was stopped for 2 hours for the crime scene to be cleaned and observed for any signs of foul play. It is important to always make sure that you have the right footwear and to pay attention if you are an HVAC technician in a dangerous position.

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