I fell off the roof while laboring on a central a/c


I fell off the roof while laboring on a central a/c and nearly broke my leg, but it was particularly a exhausting idea in the first site, but I had to do it.

It was mid winter time and for some reason our central a/c started blowing air from the air ducts.

I evaluated the smart thermostat and it said that the central a/c was off, but clearly it was wrong. I tried to manually turn off the central cooling system unit but it would not work. There was no other option, I had to go on the frozen roof and fix the central a/c by hand, and you might be wondering why our central a/c was on our roof, because my buddy and I had no better site to put it… As I climbed up onto the roof, I became aware of how slippery it particularly was. I have had much experience as an Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman laboring on central a/cs on roof tops and in dangerous sites, but I have never had to do it in mid winter time because everyone aren’t using their a/cs during this time of the year! My confidence as a cooling expert blinded me to the extreme danger I was putting myself in. I made it to the cooling system unit and managed to take it apart enough to unplug the main power cord; When I started to put the a/c back together, I began to slide down and couldn’t stop myself. I clutched onto the central a/c and my hands slipped. I slid right off the roof to what could have been the end of my Heating, Ventilation and A/C work.

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