I Just Want to Play Music Again With my Bandmate Overseas


I can’t wait to get back out on the street & in clubs with my bandmate & make some new songs.

My friend and I make some good songs together & will pick up where my pal and I left off when I get back there again in two more weeks.

We’ve been playing together for about a year now & have about twenty songs that my pal and I made up. I need to write some more lyrics for songs because my pal and I have a lot of the chorus parts down in the songs but need more lyrics to go with them. I was selling radiant & hydronic space heaters back overseas, but the local business where I was working went out of business & now I have to look for more work. At least I have a roommate now so my bills are about half of what they were before. I labor some for the new business back household doing cooling system repairs while in the Summer & electric heater repairs while in the winter. But right now she is pretty slow too so I am going to have to find something online to keep me afloat till she gets more labor in. She does a lot of Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit sales, but the market is a bit saturated now so my pal and I are going to have to do some other kind of sales such as smart control units or even radiant floors. There is constantly a market for something, you just need to figure out where the demand is & transport in that direction. I may just beginning up a duct cleaning & repair business on my own.


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