I Just Want to Play Music Again With my Bandmate Overseas


I can’t wait to get back out on the street plus in clubs with my bandmate plus make some modern music.

My pal and I make some nice music together plus will option up where we left off when I get back there again in two more weeks.

We’ve been playing together for about a year now plus have about twenty music that we made up. I need to write some more lyrics for music because we have a lot of the chorus parts down in the music but need more lyrics to go with them. I was selling radiant plus hydronic space furnaces back overseas, but the local corporation where I was laboring went out of corporation plus now I have to look for more work. At least I have a roommate now so my bills are about half of what they were before. I work some for the modern company back condo doing cooling system repairs during the summer time plus electric boiler repairs during the winter. But right now he is pretty slow too so I am going to have to find something online to keep me afloat till he gets more work in. He does a lot of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component sales, but the market is a bit saturated now so we are going to have to do some other kind of sales such as smart thermostats or even radiant heated floors. There is consistently a market for something, you just need to figure out where the demand is plus transport in that direction. I may just start up a duct cleaning plus service corporation on my own.

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