I option up weird tasks; cleaning air ducts


I do everything I can to try to support my family.

It’s rather difficult because there are many siblings to worry about… Unfortunately, they don’t care as much about their personal finances as I seem to.

I am typically going above and beyond to help them cover expenses that they are not working towards themselves. This means I have numerous tasks and I am typically busy out. However, I feel like I am doing it for a good reason when I see the bright and shining smiles on my niece and nephews faces. At least, this is what I told myself as I dragged disgusting dirt, dander, and debris out of my neighbor’s Heating and A/C ducts; You see, numerous weeks ago I realized that there were a lot of local residents who needed help with their routine heating, cooling, and ventilation maintenance tasks, however most of my neighbors do not like to call out professional heating and cooling specialists because they have a reputation for upselling costly indoor air handling devices that no one needs. They are likely to break your heating and cooling equipment before they entirely maintenance it. This is why I started going door-to-door and offering my amateur air duct cleaning services to anyone who needed them… For fifty bucks I will do a good task scrubbing your extensive air duct and air vents throughout your house, but every night when I get dwelling from the office I put on my dirtiest clothes and sift through the airborne filth of my closest neighbors. I hope they observed a change in indoor air quality because I have observed a large change in my own respiratory health.

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