I wasn’t trying to be late – vehicle breaks down


I’m entirely not the type of man who enjoys to keep people waiting.

If my associate and I agree to meet someplace I am entirely going to arrive 30 minutes early, but I will kneel in the parking lot and be bored while I ruminate over the fact that I didn’t need to rush around so much to be there on time! No matter how often this happens I never seem to learn my lesson when it comes to correct timing and time management.

I guess that I am so paranoid about arriving on time because there have been many instances when circumstances out of my control made me late. In my line of labor this entirely is not an option. I am a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation maintenance specialist for a major heating and cooling dealership in my city. I have been working in the air quality control industry for over 12 years now; During this time I have made it my goal to typically arrive right on time for every heating, cooling, or air purification service appointment. I never want to leave any local residents waiting for me because I know how stressful it is when your central heating and cooling system takes a nosedive, then as such, it entirely wasn’t my decision when I arrived late to an Heating and A/C maintenance appointment last week. I was not expecting that my Heating and A/C labor truck would break down on the side of the road halfway to the appointment, but of course, then I got stuck resting in the brutal heat and humidity while I waited for a tow truck. By the time I got to the heating & cooling service appointment I was more desperate for their cooling system than they were.



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