In laws know I’m marrying him for the Heating as well as A/C


Periodically it’s absolutely difficult to prove to people that they are wrong about their opinion.

When people get a particular sentiment in their head it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise.

This pertains to all realms of the political environment at this point. I know all of us have seen stupid Facebook fights taking arena over nationwide political events that none of us can actually control. Unfortunately, my friend and I also cannot control the thoughts and beliefs of our friends, co-workers, and family. Personally, I struggle the most with family. If I am not fighting with my own family over politics I am worrying about my in-laws thinking that I am a heating and cooling gold digger, however for whatever reason, my bestie’s parents think that I am only marrying him for high quality heating and cooling equipment. If this sounds really silly to you, it is. I have never been a heating, cooling, and ventilation enthusiast. I got together with my bestie because I love her personality, not her profession as a certified heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist. Still, my in-laws have been convinced for 2 years now that I want him for her access to air conditioning units, forced air furnaces, and smart temperature controls. They absolutely know I’ll leave him the day that she can’t repair our central Heating as well as A/C system. To be fair, I did meet him when she was repairing my central air conditioning unit many years ago. I have benefited from her professional expertise as an air quality control specialist. It also doesn’t help that I suffer from extreme indoor dust sensitivities and she installed all of my air purification devices for free.

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