International Travel


I retired from being a teacher a few years ago. After retiring, I decided to spend all of my free time traveling. In just a few years, I visited dozens of countries in all different climate zones. The experience has been amazing. My favorite part is meeting new people and learning about their culture. I don’t usually find it difficult to adjust to new cultures. However, I struggle to adjust to the different climates and the heating and cooling systems. I am originally from an area that has very cold winters, but we insulate our homes and install strong central heating systems. We barely feel the cold from the winter when we are indoors. I have traveled to countries who experience similar winter weather, but do not heat their homes like we do. Those have been the most difficult places to adjust to. I cannot understand how the locals live with these conditions. They must get used to not having heating systems. I learned my lesson after traveling to a country like this the first time. I wasn’t prepared and assumed they had heating systems that match the weather conditions. Since that trip, I’ve started doing research prior to my travels in order to be prepared. I usually bring a heated blanket to countries like these. The heated blankets really make a difference! I also pack heavier clothing and hand warmers. The hand warmers make a difference when I can’t stay indoors. It has taken some time, but I’ve learned to adjust to various climates and heating and cooling systems.


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