Lifting the burden off my Grandma.


My Grandma is a absolutely sweet elderly lady who cares a lot about others even more than she loves herself! She is constantly volunteering at odd shelters and homes to help those in need, when she is at her home, but, she gets absolutely uncomfortable because of her lack of air conditioner.

She told me that her cooling system hasn’t worked in a long time and she will be ok without it, she would rather invest her currency in fixing someone else’ air conditioner than she would her own.

So I decided, for my Grandma’s 65th birthday, to get her a current cooling system and to install it while she was away, however i knew if she found out I was buying her an cooling system she would grab me by the ear and tell me I better not, so I thought it was best to keep it a secret until the cooling system was already installed and she couldn’t do anything about it. When the air conditioner parts arrived, I was confident I’d be able to put it together on my own but after an hour of trial and error, I finally called up my neighbor Joe who is an Heating and Air Conditioning mechanic, then he came over as quickly as he could and helped me properly put together and install the cooling system. When Grandma first walked into her cool loft and saw the cooling system, and me sitting there with balloons and a card, she burst into tears and gave me a hug. It was the best feeling ever to supply back to someone who has given me and others so much.

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