Maintenance is important


I’m sure almost everyone has heard that phrase – moderation is key. It usually refers to people’s health habits, such as what and how much they are eating and drinking, but I’m now finding that this sentiment relates to most things in life. Taking care of things little by little, rather than neglecting them for long periods of time and then rectifying the issues all at once, is a much smarter way to do business. I have learned this most recently in regard to my house HVAC system, which I’ve obviously neglected for years now. I didn’t realize that there were things one should do to keep your temperature control devices laboring smoothly all year long; I simply thought that the device ran until it stopped functioning a decade or so down the line. That’s why I had never performed routine service on my air conditioner or boiler before, which was doing myself a large disservice, as I found out later. You see, my A/C started acting up this summer, and it was unreliable to say the least. I was coming house to a burning warm house several times a month, and had to keep resetting the A/C device to be functional again. Eventually the air conditioner stopped laboring entirely, and I realized that I needed an HVAC professional to come save me this time. When they arrived on the scene the heating and cooling specialist was undoubtedly honorablewith me, letting me in on the secret of correct HVAC service. Apparently my A/C could have lived another 5 years if I had been caring for it in moderation.

air conditioning maintenance