Mold in the vents of my AC


They had someone out the following morning.

Last summer, I kept getting sick plus I could not figure out why, first, it was my kids plus then it was me. I figured that it was just a virus that the kids picked up at university plus brought home, and like any other time my friend and I got sick, I sanitized the entire home from top to bottom. Occasionally, it takes more than a home scrubbing to get those germs out of the house. I observed that there was an odd smell in the air coming from the air vents one evening. I was starting to feel sick again, plus I was not sure if I had picked up that bug again. I did a little more inspection of the air vents. I observed that there was a little bit of mold on the outside of the vents. Then, I climbed into the ceiling to check out the air ducts. They were covered in mold. I was horrified. I called the HVAC company as abruptly as I could get out of the ceiling. I explained that I had been easily sick a few times back to back plus they said that it was likely that I became ill from the mold in the air ducts. I was so grossed out. I asked them when they could have someone come plus scrub out the entire HVAC system. They had someone out the following morning. After the HVAC was thoroughly cleaned, I had no more complications with being sick. It is crucial for people who are getting sick over plus over again to check their homes for mold. It can be hiding in the most unsuspecting locales, like the air vents.
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