My Heating and Air Conditioning equipment saved my life.


I know many people will say their air conditioning or boiler is a “life saver” meaning their lives would be worse off separate from them, however when I say my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment was my life saver, I mean it in every sense of the phrase, and last month, I was going about my afternoon when my window air conditioning quickly stopped working… Come to find out, the internal motor was completely fried.

Although I was angry, I was looking forward to getting a new plus improved cooling unit.

I decided to go with central air conditioning plus to put the equipment outside my house. After ordering the unit, the Heating and Air Conditioning professional came plus installed it for me. I had no idea at the time that that equipment would save my life the next afternoon. That evening, I got a call from a stranger who threatened my life. I had no idea who the man was so I figured it was a prank call despite the fact that I figured I’d call the police plus let them know what was going on. The next afternoon, I was outside putting a new air filter in my air conditioning when the stalker that called the night before came into my yard plus took out a gun plus started shooting at me! I took refuge behind the air conditioning pondering my next move. Luckily, a police officer had seen the stalker walk into my yard plus saw me working on my air conditioning. The officer shot the stalker plus wounded him. Now every time I go to fix or put an air filter in my air conditioning, I thank God that my old window air conditioning had burned out plus I had to get a new one.

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