My mom laughed when I told her the air ducts were dirty


She could not know all the dust that was inside of there.

My mom is currently cleaning up our house. She had to stop the vacuum cleaner plus look inside the tank. She had noticed that there was a lot of dust in there. She had never seen so much dust in the vacuum in her life; Our apartment has never been this dusty before. I had mentioned to her that it could be from the Heating plus A/C air ducts behind our walls. I did mention that the air ducts tend to build up a lot of dust inside of them, however when I told her that she laughed at me. She did not know that there was anyway all of that dust could come from the air ducts behind the walls. She truly thought I was being insane. However when I told her to just make an appointment to get the air ducts cleaned she changed her mind. She saw when the boys came over to clean the air ducts. She saw all the dust that was building up inside of the air ducts. She could not know all the dust that was inside of there. When she took a minute to stop plus know about it she remembered that it had been awhile since she had the air ducts cleaned. She turned to me plus apologized for laughing at me earlier. It turns out that I was right. The air ducts were so completely dusty that it was pushing all of the dust into our homeā€¦ Next time when I tell her something maybe she will not laugh at me then.