My neighbors have a greater and better Heating and Air Conditioning system


I know of somebody who enjoys you have everything better than most people else, but if you have something they have to have it greater and better.

For example I currently have an electric central air system.

My neighbors have an electric central air system and have zone control heating. They also just recently put in radiant floors. I told them that I was thinking about getting radiant floors. So then they all ultimately went and put in radiant floors themselves. So they have zone control heating and cooling which is more than I have, and they also have radiant heated floors now. So when they come over to my household they always brag about their radiant floors. They always say how cold it seems now in my household without radiant heated floors. They’re so used to the way that their radiant heated floors heat their house so appealingly. They are not used to stepping onto a freezing floor anymore. And then they go on to tell me about how appealing it is to feel the radiant heated floors right through their socks. So not only do they have greater and better than you do however they also brag about it. I entirely do care about them to death however that is one thing that I do not like about them truly much. I think that the way they present themselves says a lot about who they are as people. And that is enough. All of us who are friends have known them for so long. My associate and I just kind of take it as a grain of salt. My associate and I entirely most of the time just ignore what they say these afternoons.


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