On a motorcar trip with my family plus my mom regularly changing the temperature


Every Summer when it’s around August my family plus I will rent a motorcar plus go on an adventure to a location my buddy and I have never been before.

My friend and I have been doing these kind of trips since I was eight years old.

My friend and I have been to all of the states on the east coast plus my buddy and I have yet to explore so of the states in the midwest. My friend and I were on our way to the midwest in our rental van taking turns so my buddy and I didn’t have to stop plus rest as much. My friend and I made our journey in about a afternoon with four odd drivers. My Mom was in the back of the van sleeping while my mom was in the front seat with me helping with instruction. I was getting a little hot so I turned the dial to turn the heat down. About five minutes later I was still feeling hot plus I saw that the digital thermostat in the motorcar read 78 degrees! I swore I moved it down, so I moved it down to 68 degrees. The same thing occurred, I was feeling overly warm, however this time I caught my mom moving the digital thermostat up. I brought to his attention that I was dripping with sweat plus that it was way too hot in the van. Unluckyly the van did not have zone control heating that split the temperature from the passenger to the driver. It was a basic model of a van, plus I didn’t expect that it would have this kind of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technology. Other than the temperature control problem, my buddy and I had a good time on our trip.