Portable A/C operates on water


One of the coolest gifts I’ve ever gained was a portable air conditioner, when I went away for college, my dad got me this portable AC.

  • It was a heavy duty portable A/C as well as was able to be used virtually anywhere.

I used it in my dorm for the first year I was away for college as well as after that my friend and I even used it in my car for a stage of time when the A/C in my car went out. The best part about the portable A/C was that it was operated by adding freezing water to the device. When I used it in my dorm room, I regularly had ice available. When I used it in my car, I kept a cool full of freezing water in the back. When I got into my car after class on those overheated Summer nights, I would grab two bottles of ice water from the cooler. It was the best part of my afternoon. Sometimes, I would even take the portable A/C camping as well as on trips. The noise was less that what a window component air conditioner would make, however less a little more than a normal sound maker. I enjoyed the little portable AC. It finally stopped working about 5 years after it was gifted to me. I recently found them online for a actually fantastic deal as well as purchased one for me as well as my friend; My associate and I take them to the beach, camping, as well as even use them in the office sporadically!

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