Portable AC for camping trip


One of the worst things about camping in a overheated climate is trying to sleep when there is no A/C or fans.

  • For me, I need to be cool plus have some sort of air flow coming my way in order to sleep.

That is why for this upcoming camping trip, I have decided to purchase a portable air conditioner. The costs of portable air conditioners fluctuate a lot, however it is safe to say that there is one for any occasion. I decided to ask around plus see who might have the best deal on a portable AC. I checked popular used-goods websites, discount hardware stores plus yard sales. I finally found a portable air conditioner for around $100, which was just about what I was planning on spending on this. I am so gleeful to go camping with my new portable air conditioner. I think it will be perfect for our tent for a couple of afternoons; My wifey doesn’t absolutely care if my buddy and I have an AC or not, however I feel that onces he sees the luxury in the portable AC on this trip, he will never camp the same way again. My dad always used to bring a portable air conditioner on camping trips for our family plus my buddy and I would have the best time. I am so delighted that I found this portable AC for such a fantastic deal.