Preserving your air purifier


Many homeowners today enjoy the benefits of having an air purifier in their home, but few do what it takes to preserve their air purifier so it will last longer and work better over the years.

If you don’t want to have to get a new UV light air purifier, or HEPA air purifier every few years, I recommend doing a few things to keep your HVAc units in good condition. I would recommend first that you check the air filters every week, even if the air purifier says it doesn’t need to be changed. It is good to keep a clean air filter. Another tip that goes along with this is to clean the inside of your air purifiers every other week to ensure that dust doesn’t build up on the internal parts and cause it to stop working correctly. Since air purifiers, UV light air purifiers and HEPA air purifiers included, pull in a lot of dust, dandruff, and pollen, they tend to get these pollutants stuck inside of them. If you cannot clean your air purifier yourself, you can take it to your local heating and cooling business and they will have an HVAC technician clean it for you. Next, I would suggest that you take your air purifier to the heating and cooling department once a year at least for annual tune ups. If you do not want to take your air purifiers to the HVAC store, just ask the HVAC technician that comes over to fix your air purifier or furnace if he has heating and cooling equipment that can clean your air purifiers for you while he is there.

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