Procrastinating over air conditioner repair



  • Augustine, Florida, is a wonderful place to live.

There is a rich history, access to the water and lots of restaurants, shopping and year round activities. The summer heat and humidity can be brutal. Last summer, the temperature climbed especially early. It was necessary to start the air conditioner in early March. When I lowered the thermostat and the cooling system cycled on, it made a strange noise. I noticed a significant amount of dust coming from the vents and a musty smell. I hoped that after running for a while, the air conditioner would be fine. Instead, the operation steadily diminished. The unit struggled to manage demand, operating just about non-stop. The house felt overheated and sticky. I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long before calling for AC repair. I was reluctant to take time off from work to meet with the technician. I knew the repair would be expensive. If I’d called right away, the service probably would have been quicker and less costly. Because of running a malfunctioning air conditioner, there was greater damage. The HVAC technician was required to replace several parts and perform a thorough cleaning. He found a considerable amount of dust and other debris clogging the inner workings and restricting airflow. The problems with the air conditioner had compromised efficiency, causing higher energy bills. Plus, the contaminants circulating in the breathing air were a health concern. After paying a hefty repair bill, I signed up with a maintenance plan with the HVAC contractor. They will call to remind me to schedule service every spring. Having a licensed technician perform a thorough troubleshooting will help to avoid needless issues.

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