Quit restaurant when summer set in


I guess I’m not the type of person who likes to persevere all the time.

I do the best that I can to stick it out and uncomfortable situations but at a certain point I am going to cut my losses and run. This is what recently happened with my part time job when I realized that the indoor air quality was only getting worse with each passing day. I had started working at a local pizza shop several months ago in order to make extra money. I was bringing in cash tips and appreciating the extra room in my budget. However, as time went on I realized that there were many downfalls to working at this little pizzeria. Namely, the indoor air quality was not a priority for the owner of the pizza shop or the managers. It seemed like they wanted the customers to have a good experience when it came to cooling systems and ventilation. They installed some AC window units in the front of the pizza shop so that there was indoor air quality control for any of their paying clients. However, they never wanted to upgrade the HVAC equipment in the back of the shop. As the summer season settled into our area and our outdoor air temperature became extremely hot I started noticing how horrible this lack of HVAC power was. Everyday when I left the pizza shop I had a pounding headache and a filthy sweaty shirt. I tried my best to get past the low quality indoor air. In the end, I quit my job so I could find a new one that included air conditioning.



a/c worker