Rather drive than take public transport


I try to do my part to help the environment as we battle the climate change which is destined to ruin our planet.

I’m all about recycling and reducing my energy expenditure to help in the larger effort.

I like to walk every chance I get, and often skip taking my car on short errands if I can help it. I take short showers, and I cut my plastic so that animals cannot get trapped in them. In short, I try to be an active participant in saving the earth, in the small ways that I can contribute. There is one area, however, that I am not a fan of. I hate public transportation, and it’s almost entirely due to the poor heating and cooling that’s available onboard. You see, I have horrific memories of riding the bus in sweltering heat, and finding that there was absolutely no air flow throughout the vehicle. Despite this lack of ventilation, there would be no semblance of air conditioning, either. The result was hot, muggy, and smelly rides to and from the grocery store. It’s quite difficult to drag bags of produce around when you cannot breathe and the bus is well over 90 degrees inside. I remember asking the bus driver once why the car was so poorly air conditioned, and he muttered something about the city budget not taking AC into account. I have no idea if this is the truth, or if he was simply a sadist, but either way I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

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