Replacing a brand new malfunctioning thermostat


He wanted to make sure that the temperature inside of the house was going to change

There are some things that just don’t work right. In my life, I feel as if nothing works right. Everything I seem to own goes wrong or does not work at all. It may start off working right but in the end it always breaks down soon after I have it. It is not very fair as I see it. I do not understand why this happens to me. In this case the one thing that broke soon after it was installed was my thermostat. Of all things to break and not work it was my thermostat. I noticed that this was happening all of a sudden. I knew something was not right with it. It had not been working the same way it had been when I first got it installed. I had the thermostat set to a certain temperature but it was only communicating one same temperature to the HVAC unit. No matter what temperature I wanted it set too. The HVAC technician just suggested that I installed a brand new thermostat. I told him I was not going to pay for it though because I had it just installed a little bit ago. He only charged me for the service. He told me it was their fault then that this thermostat had been malfunctioning. After he installed it, he started up the furnace. He stayed for five minutes and wrote my bill while he waited. He wanted to make sure that the temperature inside of the house was going to change. Sure enough we could both feel the house getting warmer. Now I can only hope that this thermostat does not break down on me just like the last one.


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